What format are the books files in?

Our vintage literature book collections are in Adobe PDF format. Our CDs or DVDs can be viewed on any computer with a disc drive and Adobe PDF Reader installed, Most of today's computers are already equipped with the Adobe PDF software, if you do not have Adobe PDF reader you can download it for free from the official Adobe PDF Reader website.  The books in our collections can be printed but cannot be modified from the CD.

What format are your Audio Books and Old Time Radio Shows in?

Our Audiobooks files are in MP3 format. These can be played on any computer with a CD or DVD drive or an "MP3 CD Player". Our Audiobooks will not play on standard CD/DVD players unless those devices are MP3 capable.

How do your ship your products? 

Your CD or DVD is shipped in a sturdy, white 5x5 cardboard CD/DVD mailer via USPS First Class mail. We guarantee that you will not end up with a damaged CD or DVD during shipping. If your item does arrive damaged we will send you a replacement disc free of charge.

How much is shipping?

We offer Free Shipping to our customers in the United Stated regardless of how many products you purchase. Although we cannot offer free shipping to our International customers we do offer a very small flat rate shipping fee regardless of how many items are purchased.

Which method of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Paypal and Money Orders.



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