Basket Making Vintage Book Collection on CD

Basket Making Vintage Book Collection on CD
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Collected together is a digital reproduction of 5 vintage books on the subject of Basket Making. 
 Each book is in pdf format and is a scan of the original books.   



Practical Artistic Basketry
Written by Laura Collins Tinsley. Published in 1904. 143 pages.
Excerpt: Rattan is a kind of palm which grows in the forests of India, twining about trees and hanging from the branches.It sometimes attains the length of a thousand feet. Raffia comes from the island of Madagascar, and is the Malagsy name for the palm. A leaf of this palm produces long green divisions, two to five feet in length, like the leaf of the sugar cane, and after being dried in the sun assumes a straw color.

Practical Basket Making
Written by George Wharton James. Published in 1914. 128 pages.
Excerpt: In this book I have presented a course of lessons in these varied  materials, which, if followed, will enable the tyro to make useful and  beautiful baskets, etc. The title of the book is self-explanatory. It is a "Hand-Book of Practical Basket Making." It lays no claim to teaching everything that is to be known of the art, for such a claim would be preposterous.      

How To Make Baskets
Written by Mary White. Published in 1915. 242 pages.
Excerpt: The twisting and weaving of Nature's materials, grasses, twigs, rushes and vines into useful and beautiful forms seems almost instinctive in man. Perhaps it came to him as the nest-weaving instinct comes to birds for at first he used it as they do, in the building of his house. Later shields and boats were formed of wicker work but how long ago the first basket was made no one is wise enough to tell us.    

The Basketry Book: Twelve Lessons in Reed Weaving
Written by Mary Miles Blanchard. Published in 1914.
Excerpt: We follow the Indian idea of making the basket the exponent of something within ourselves; then the  shape, design, and colors will all mean something more to us than what merely shows on the outside. Train yourselves to imitate in form the simple things, and find your true inspiration in nature. To be proficient in this task one must be persevering, accurate, neat, and capable of making the hand obey the mind.

The Basket Maker
Written by Luther Weston Turner. Published in 1909. 61 pages.
Excerpt: Mr. Turner knows his subject thoroughly, having tramped with Indians for materials, worked with Indians for processes, practised with pupils for methods, and studied with specialists for tasteful results. The chapters of this booklet appeared first as illustrated articles in The School Arts Book, beginning in April, 1905.    

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