The Ultimate Survival Book & Manual Collection- Over 100 Survival Books on DVD

The Ultimate Survival Book & Manual Collection- Over 100 Survival Books on DVD
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Presenting you with our Ultimate Survival Book & Manual Collection on DVD, featuring over 100 Books, Manuals and Articles covering a huge assortment of topics related to your survival!

Here is a complete list of Survival books, manuals and articles that you will be receiving on this DVD. Over 1 Gig of Data!


General Survival Books
Army Survival
At Home in the Wilderness
Complete Outdoorsman Handbook
Desert Survival
The Modern Survival Retreat
Winter Survival Handbook
Household Cyclopedia
Dangerous Animals
Bow Drills

Food and Water
Drying Foods
Poisonous Plants
Emergency Food Preparation
Emergency Water Supply
Food and Water in an Emergency
Mushrooms and their Use
Edible Toadstools and Mushrooms
Principles of Home Canning
Successful Gardening Vol 1
The Golden Book of Aquaponics
Vegetable Gardening in Containers
Solar Cooking
Emergency Disinfection of Water
Alternate Cooking
Emergency Food for Babies

A Manual on Explosives
Army Rangers Handbook
Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain
Explosives and Demolitions
Booby Traps
Guerilla Warfare
Sniper Training Manual
Rifle Marksmanship
Grenades and Pyrotechnics
Knife Fighting Manual
Improvised Munitions Handbook Vol 3
Pistol Marksmanship
Mine Warefare
Electronic Warfar
Mines and Boobytraps
Viet Cong Boobytraps
Practical Blacksmithing Vol 1
The Teaching of Archery
The Theory and Practice of Archery
The Witchery of Archery
The Archers Manual
YAhi Archery
The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives

Where there is No Dentist
Army First Aid
A Catalogue of Indian Medicine
Crow Indian Medicine Bundles
Culinary Herbs
Culpeppers Complete Herbal
Edible & Medicinal Plants
Five Hundred Indian Plants
Herb Lore
The Book of Herbs
The Cherokee Physician
The Complete Herbalist
The Family Herbal
The Familiy Kitchen Gardener
The Indian Practice of Medicine
Wilderness Medicine Course
A Manual of Midwifery
A System of MIdwifery
Manual of Gynecology Vol. 1
Manual of Gynecology Vol. 2
Principles and Practices of Obstetrics
A Manual of Operative Surgery
Grays Anatomy
NATO Emergency War Surgery

Hunting and Trapping
A Trappers Guide
Deadfalls and Snares
Fox Trapping
Hunting n Trapping
Steel Traps
The Hunter and the Trapper
Trapping as a Profession

Knots and Splices
Flax, Hemp and Jute Spinning
Handbook of Knots & Splices
Knots, Ties & Splices for Seafareres
Rope and Twine Information
The Kedge Anchor
The Use of Rope and Tackle

Self Defense
USMC Close Combat
Self Defense Nerve Centers

Camouflage and Concealment
Army Camouflage
Camo Basic Principles
Camouflage and Concealment
Color Markings and Camouflage Patterns
Painting Instructions for Army Material
Paintings and Markings of Army Aircraft

Family Fallout Shelter
Shelters, Shacks and Shanties
Snow Shelters

Maps and Land Navigation
Army Map Readign and Land Navigation
How to Avoid Getting Lost

Soap & Candle Making
Modern Soaps, Candles and Glycerin
Soap Making Manual
Soap and Candles

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