Fortune Telling - Vintage Book Collection on CD

Fortune Telling -  Vintage Book Collection on CD
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Collected together is a digital reproduction of 14 vintage books about Fortune Telling. 
 Each book is in pdf format and is a scan of the original books.  

Below is what you'll receive in this vintage book collection.


A Manual of Cheirosophy_Complete Practical Handbook of The Twin Sciences of Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy 

A Method of Cheirognomy

An Introduction To the Study Of The Tarot
Hagur Sinister Tarot
How to Know People by Their Hands
Indian Palmistry
Palmistry For All: Containing New Information On The Study Of The Hand Never Before Published
Perin's Science of Palmistry: A complete and authentic treatsise
The Illustrated Key On The Tarot The Veil of Divination Illustrating The Greater And Lesser Arcana
The Pictorial Key To The Tarot
The Qabalistic Tarot
The Symbolism of the Tarot
The Tarot of the Bohemians
The Tarot: Its Occult Significance

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